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Travel Teaching Artist

Anyone can learn to draw and paint.

    Have you ever wanted to learn to draw or paint? Creating art fascinates most individuals, yet many simply have the false belief that one must be born with talent. Unfortunately, many never try, sadly missing one of life’s greatest joyful pursuits. And the FUN.

  I BELIEVE THAT TALENT IS OVERRATED. Anyone can learn to draw or paint. All that’s required are these three elements:



    With over thirty years of teaching experience, as well as a career as a professional portrait painter and book illustrator, I offer my students a broad range of methods and techniques. A great number of my students advanced to the point of earning First Place or Best of Show awards in local art competitions, selling their paintings and becoming professional artists and instructors themselves.

    If you’ll provide the passion to learn and the persistent practice, I’ll provide the rest.

  Why wait? Join my classes and embark on an incredible journey with me today!

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